The Many Benefits to Becoming An LGV Driver

The Many Benefits to Becoming An LGV Driver

The Many Benefits to Becoming An LGV Driver

Right now is a great time to put the wheels in motion towards gaining your LGV licence.

If you have a passion for driving and are looking for a new career then you should consider the exciting industry of LGV driving. At MEG Training Solutions we are passionate about giving you the tools to make your first steps as simple as possible, offering training from the very start and continuing to your on-going professional development.

With an estimated 60,000 vacancies UK wide and a starting salary of up to £25,000, rising to around £40,000 for drivers with Class 1 training and experience. Becoming an LGV driver can open doors to jobs and an earning potential you may have thought was out of reach.

Here’s a look at just a few of the many benefits of becoming an LGV driver which explain the rising popularity of the profession…

Options … choose the industry sector that suits your life;

Long distance – If visiting far-flung corners of the world is what excites you then long distance may be perfect for you. You can hit the open road and drive all over the continent and beyond, seeing new places and meeting new people at every turn.

UK wide drivers – If you prefer to spend your time on the UK mainland you can go the length and breadth of the country, still seeing new places but staying firmly on shore!

Local drivers – If you like to stay closer to home becoming a local driver means you can usually stay within around 100 miles of your preferred location.

Competitive pay – due to the huge industry demand for qualified drivers to replace a large number of drivers who are approaching retirement.

Flexible working hours – depending on the job you choose you can tailor your career to suit your life; week days, nights, weekends.

Freedom… freedom to spend the day on the open road and not stuck in the office; freedom to be pretty much your own boss and removed from the office politics!

Stability of the profession – The UK has a continual and growing demand for qualified LGV drivers and is a largely recession proof and lucrative industry. Having the qualifications the industry demands (up to date Driver CPC training as an example) offers you confidence in the ability to always find work in times of austerity.

Looking at just a few of these reasons it is easy to see why LGV training courses at MEG Training Solutions are in such high demand. Give us a call and let us help you to get started on your road to success.

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