CPC Operator Licensing Awareness

CPC Operator Licensing Awareness

Operator Licensing Awareness (for drivers)

Duration: 3.5 hour module

  • Course Introduction
  • Legislation / Responsibilities
  • Operator Licencing – what is it?
  • Drivers Hours / Working Time Regulations
  • Drivers Hours Records
  • Vehicle Maintenance  Systems and Defect Checks
  • Driver Licencing / Driver CPC Periodic Training
  • Speed Limits and Overloading
  • Penalties / Reporting
  • Operator Compliance Risk Scores
  • Traffic Commissioner Actions – Driver & Operator
  • Course Conclusion

We are always happy to incorporate any specific training requirements, including your own company policies within our course material.

We aim to tailor the training to your own business needs in order for you to receive the optimal benefit from Driver CPC.

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