Respect Our HGV Drivers! Improve Driver Facilities!

Respect Our HGV Drivers! Improve Driver Facilities!

Respect Our HGV Drivers…! Improve Driver Facilities!

The answer to the current driver shortage..?

Well, that’s a complex one – but after continually hearing of the disrespectful conditions that our HGV driver clients are subjected to, it is clear to us at MEG Training that a vast improvement in driver facilities would go a long, long way.

Whilst out on the road, horror stories of being denied access to toilets, being offered the use of a bucket in disguise of a loo or being encouraged to urinate by the side of their vehicle are all too common, especially when on the same sites office staff are provided with a very different set up.
Good quality roadside services are few and far between, are often expensive if you are buying food, but do not allow you to eat your own in the building. Drivers who do European work say that facilities on the continent are vastly superior – frequent free, clean service areas.

Forget the stereotypical old school image of a trucker… both male and female drivers want (and deserve) access to wash their hands before eating, have use of clean toilets and showers – not rocket science is it?! Surely it comes down to respect – respect for men and women who travel up and down the country, very often without seeing their family for days on end. Decent facilities are a basic human right that in many other professions are (rightly so) accepted as standard.

It’s time for change … depot and site operators must simply consider the needs of the driver and ask themselves if they would be happy with what is being offered. If the answer is no – then why on earth should a driver be? Let’s make a start to attract new, younger blood to the industry and make the profession something to be proud of.

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