Imagine you’re at the scene of a road traffic incident.  There are several ways you can respond, which one are you…?

a) Drive past and feel lucky not to be involved.

b) Drive past, have a good look ad almost cause an accident by ‘rubber necking’.

c) Pull over and dial 999 to call the emergency services.

d) Pull over and swing into action to help the injured.

If you answered a) or b), then maybe you assume that someone else will be along in a minute to deal with the situation.

If you answered c), then that’s great, thank you for being a good Samaritan!

However I think you have it in you to answer d) … by doing a ‘1st person at the Scene of an Incident’ or ‘Basic 1st Aid’ course with MEG Training Solutions.

Did you know that up to 46% of road traffic fatalities could be prevented if the right first aid assistance was available in the first moments following impact?  By taking training you could learn the necessary skills and confidence to stabilise victims in those vital minutes before the emergency services arrive.

As well as gaining new skills these training hours will count towards your Driver CPC training hours.

Make it your 2017 New Years Resolution to get trained.

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