JAUPT have distributed guidance on behalf of the DVSA regarding a change of process to DQC validity dates as follows;

DVSA has recently amended the Driver CPC recording and evidencing system so that it will only issue drivers with a new card at the time that they need to receive it.
Drivers who complete their periodic training early in the cycle will no longer receive a DQC with an expiry date of more than 5 years.
Any periodic training they’ve already recorded in their current cycle won’t be affected, so they won’t lose their hours.
Who does this affect?
Drivers who hold a current DQC with more than 12 month’s validity but have completed another 35 hours of periodic training, will be issued with a new DQC:
• at least 28 days before their current DQC expiry date if their training anniversary is within 28 days of the start of the new qualification period
• within the final 12 month’s validity of their current DQC – this would usually be issued on the anniversary of completing 35 hours of periodic training

For example:
Within final 12 month’s validity of DQC expiry If training anniversary is within 28 days of the start of a new qualification period
Date driver completed periodic training 1 July 2016 9 September 2016
Driver’s current DQC valid until 9 September 2019 9 September 2019
New qualification date starts 10 September 2019 10 September 2019
Next DQC issue date 1 July 2019 12 August 2019
Next DQC expiry date 9 September 2024 9 September 2024

Who isn’t affected
Drivers will receive a DQC straight away if they:
• hold a DQC which is due to expire within the next 12 months
• complete the Initial Qualification
Improvements to the online driver enquiry service
DVSA has improved the online driver enquiry service so drivers can see when their current DQC expires and when the next one will be issued. This will also help drivers, and employers to understand when a driver needs to next complete periodic training.

The example below, shows a driver’s ‘Driver CPC qualification’ status, which expires on 9 September 2023.
To be able to keep their Driver CPC status up to date, they would have from 10 September 2018 to 9 September 2023 (5 years) to complete their periodic training.

Keeping address details up to date
DVSA suggests that periodic trainers should remind drivers to must make sure that DVLA has their most up to date address details to avoid any delay in receiving their latest DQC.